Empty musings about the reality of reality shows

I have been a bit slack with the blogging lately, frankly something that is quite in character with me.  I tend to get caught up with reading or catching up with television programs which I have missed.  In this case I have been reading a lot and watching a lot of ‘reality’ tv, trying to avoid doing certain other things I should be doing (like exercise or housework).

I have watched a lot of episodes of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.  Also I have seen a few episodes of My Kitchen Rules.  Even though each of these reality shows is about a different subject they are all scarily familiar.  The producers carefully edit the shows so that you have favourites right from the start, even though you are not supposed to know whether they are going through to the end.  In American Idol, if they do a back story about some sort of hardship you know for sure they are going to make it at least to Hollywood.

There was an article in the paper today about how the lady from Tassie in My Kitchen Rules was getting death threats because she was cast as the villain amongst the contestants.  Death threats?  It is a cooking show for christ’s sake!  I can’t fathom the depth of fanaticism required to issue death threats to a snarky mum from tassie, whose only crime is to be a bit picky about her food.  My God, every single person I know has complained about somebody’s food before.  Admittedly not on national television but geez it is a competition and she obviously wants to win.

Another report was saying the fans of Justin Bieber (the Beliebers if you can believe it) were threatening poor Esperanza Spalding on Wikipedia just because she won best new talent instead of Justin.

Being part of the Science Fiction Fan Community I am very familiar with people taking fandom too far.  It is very common to see a fan of a sci fi tv show (see me very carefully not mention a particular show so as not to cultivate a stereotype) take it to the next level, living the life so to speak as if it was real and not just a fantasy.

But that is not sending death threats.  These people are generally passionate about their obsession in many ways but certainly not to the extent that if someone dissed their idol they would make death threats to them.  I have seen many a heated discussion about whether Trek is better than Star Wars, in fact it is practically a given that there will be a panel on this at any Science Fiction convention, and the proponents of either side are generally passionate about it and can’t be swayed, but they don’t want to kill the other side either.!

It must be the fact that most Bieber fans are extremely young.  Everything is so much more important when you are a teenager.  When your idol fails, you feel personally affronted and must do something about it.  That famous ‘leave Britney alone’ video springs to mind as an example.

Another example of ‘reality’ shows being far from reality is The Biggest Loser.  As you know, I am on my own personal weight loss journey, but I avoid watching that show, as it only discourages me. People want to hear about great drops in weight, but in reality who can afford to take 3 months off work and have a personal trainer for 8 hours a day pushing you to exercise till you vomit?

Nobody, only people on tv reality shows.  Just how many of these people keep the weight off after the show is finished?  I bet only the winners do as they then have sponsorship to keep the weight off so the program doesn’t look bad.  Nobody real can lose 15 kilos in one week!  It just makes it harder for those of us trying to lose weight the old fashioned way, by trying to reduce the intake of calories and increase the exercise.

Anyway, I have blathered on about this enough tonight and will not bore you further.  I am going to try to blog more often, or as often as I can think of something to write about.  Since this is mostly for myself, I don’t really mind if no-one reads these anyway.

Cheers for now



Happy Australia Day

Well it is Australia Day and I have just attended a barbeque as any good Australian should.  It was a wonderful time with people I like and at a lovely home out in the burbs.  It was also the biggest challenge to my diet so far.  The spread was divine, with exotic salads and meats and plenty of food for everyone.

I ate before we left so that I wouldn’t be hungry and could ignore the food.  I managed quite well with the meats and salads and felt quite proud of myself.  Then out came the traditional desserts and my eyes boggled.  Pavlova, chocolate ripple cake, cheesecake… the desserts kept coming and my eyes grew wider.

Now I know my weakness, and my weakness is sweets.  I have indulged in many a chocolate creamy dessert and my favourite of all is the chocolate ripple cake.  It is a deceptively simple dish, chocolate ripple biscuits surrounded by whipped cream and depending how fancy the cook wants to go you can grate a bit of chocolate on the top.  It is all chocolaty and creamy goodness indeed.  And there it was sitting in front of me while I am trying to be virtuous and stick to my diet.

I am happy to report that I did not succumb to the temptation and found that having plenty of company to talk to and letting them all know the reasons for refusing the dessert so that they weren’t continually pressing me to try some helped tremendously.  I think being honest about being on a diet is an important step and it means that you have plenty of people around you to support you.

I haven’t done any exercise for a couple of days now but will get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  Alcohol doesn’t really mix with exercise.

One last note before I go.  It is Australia Day today and I do expect a certain amount of patriotism amongst Australians as we have a great country to be proud of, but I was puzzled by the sheer amount of cars I saw travelling on the freeway with Australian flags on the back window of the car.  Were they coming from an event or is just everyone that patriotic?  Guess I will never know.


The Diet is Working!!

Well I weighed myself this morning with a lot of trepidation as I did the cheat thing and weighed myself during the week.  It is apparently the cardinal rule of weight loss that you only weigh yourself once a week at the same time preferably with the same clothes on as that is the only true measure of your weight loss.  During the week you can have quite large fluctuations and also you weigh differently at different times of day.  Anyway I had a sneaky weigh of myself yesterday and was dismayed to see I had gained weight!

What a disappointment!  That serves me right for not waiting for the right time to do it.  I stepped on the scales this morning and what do you know?  I had lost 2.3 kg.  The first true week of weight loss is supposed to be a bit larger than the rest so I was hoping for a figure like that (much as I am hoping to have a figure eventually 🙂 )  The next week shouldn’t be quite as dramatic (we are not on the Biggest Loser show here) but I am aiming for about a kilo a week. 

I kept up the exercise this week with a bit of playing on the Wii each night but I went for a walk this morning and I tell you the Wii gets you nowhere near as puffed as walking up a really steep hill does.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack!  When I caught my breath at the top of the hill (my place is surrounded by really steep hills so I can’t escape them on any walk) I thought that this is probably what I should be doing every day instead of Wii.  Unfortunately it is not as fun as Wii so it might only happen once a week or so.  Perils of being a lazy girl I guess.

I had an anxiety dream this morning.  It wasn’t one I have had before, rather strange really.  I dreamt that I had been asked to play bass with a local band at some private back yard party (probably watching too much Oprah lately what with Taco parties and all that!).  For a start I haven’t ever played bass guitar.  Sure I dabbled with acoustic guitar at school and like every teenager who learns guitar I begged (and got) an electric guitar to play with.  I, being a typical lazy girl, never ever really excelled at guitar.  Sure I could hold a decent chord and played in the school band in a couple of musicals but was never really destined for greatness because I didn’t practice enough.  So back to the dream.  I haven’t picked up a guitar in several years, let alone ever played the bass, so why these people were asking me to play with them I don’t know, it was a dream and they don’t have to make sense.

I got delivered by a limo (delusions of grandeur much?) and there were address instructions written in texta on the guitar.  I knocked on the door and the person who answered took me through to the back yard where the band was setting up.  They greeted me like they knew me and commenced to start playing like they knew I could just join in.  That is where the anxiety starts as of course I had no idea what to play and where to come in.  Suddenly (I think the brain knows when you have had enough and helps out every now and then) sheet music appears in front of me with all the areas I have to play marked.  There is unfortunately a solo coming up (a bass solo? dreams are weird) and everybody is looking to me….. and of course that is where the dream ended with me waking up thinking that was one of the weirder ones.

I only have those sort of dreams when something is on my mind.  I went to sleep last night with all these plans for the editing of Ethel and I should have written them down as they must have played on my mind because I didn’t want to forget them.  I am going to write them down this very minute.  If you are still reading here thank you for your patience with my rambling.  I am hoping that as the days go by and I get more practice I will become a little more accomplished at this blog thing.  I will eventually put more interesting things here but for now you will have to put up with my general rantings about life and weight loss (or gain).  And I love to use parentheses so you will be seeing a lot of those too.



How a lazy girl shall lose weight

Well people,  I have known for some time now that I needed to go on a diet.  In fact I have been trying for the better part of a year to overcome my need for chocolate and chips and my inherent laziness which means I like to sit on the couch and watch tv and movies. 

Anyway I saw a picture of myself from my father’s birthday party on New Year’s Eve.  It was rather hot so I was wearing a singlet top.  With so called ‘Tuck Shop Lady Arms’ flapping in the strong northerly breeze, it was not a good look.  I saw photos later and was horrified at how other people see me.  It was time for a change!

Bring in the Lite’n’Easy!!

For the lazy girl there is nothing better than Lite’n’Easy.  It comes to your door and they tell you what to eat each day and when to eat it!  All you need to do is buy Milk.  I have been on it for two weeks now and while I lost only a little bit of weight last week I am expecting a better result this week.  I am weighing myself tomorrow and I will report the results.

I also bought myself a Wii Fit game.  So far I have been good and used it for about half an hour a night.  I haven’t got bored yet so things are looking up.  It is so much easier for me than a gym membership as I know that if I buy one I won’t go.  For a large girl it is embarrassing going to the gym and seeing all those lithe young bodies who don’t really need to go as far as they do with the exercise.  They are there to make us look bad.

Anyway, I shall monitor my progress and see if the Wii Fit is all it is cracked up to be.  It certainly is amusing anyway.

Well, as my first post this hasn’t been too painful.  I will see how it goes further down the track

Signing off


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