Empty musings about the reality of reality shows

I have been a bit slack with the blogging lately, frankly something that is quite in character with me.  I tend to get caught up with reading or catching up with television programs which I have missed.  In this case I have been reading a lot and watching a lot of ‘reality’ tv, trying to avoid doing certain other things I should be doing (like exercise or housework).

I have watched a lot of episodes of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.  Also I have seen a few episodes of My Kitchen Rules.  Even though each of these reality shows is about a different subject they are all scarily familiar.  The producers carefully edit the shows so that you have favourites right from the start, even though you are not supposed to know whether they are going through to the end.  In American Idol, if they do a back story about some sort of hardship you know for sure they are going to make it at least to Hollywood.

There was an article in the paper today about how the lady from Tassie in My Kitchen Rules was getting death threats because she was cast as the villain amongst the contestants.  Death threats?  It is a cooking show for christ’s sake!  I can’t fathom the depth of fanaticism required to issue death threats to a snarky mum from tassie, whose only crime is to be a bit picky about her food.  My God, every single person I know has complained about somebody’s food before.  Admittedly not on national television but geez it is a competition and she obviously wants to win.

Another report was saying the fans of Justin Bieber (the Beliebers if you can believe it) were threatening poor Esperanza Spalding on Wikipedia just because she won best new talent instead of Justin.

Being part of the Science Fiction Fan Community I am very familiar with people taking fandom too far.  It is very common to see a fan of a sci fi tv show (see me very carefully not mention a particular show so as not to cultivate a stereotype) take it to the next level, living the life so to speak as if it was real and not just a fantasy.

But that is not sending death threats.  These people are generally passionate about their obsession in many ways but certainly not to the extent that if someone dissed their idol they would make death threats to them.  I have seen many a heated discussion about whether Trek is better than Star Wars, in fact it is practically a given that there will be a panel on this at any Science Fiction convention, and the proponents of either side are generally passionate about it and can’t be swayed, but they don’t want to kill the other side either.!

It must be the fact that most Bieber fans are extremely young.  Everything is so much more important when you are a teenager.  When your idol fails, you feel personally affronted and must do something about it.  That famous ‘leave Britney alone’ video springs to mind as an example.

Another example of ‘reality’ shows being far from reality is The Biggest Loser.  As you know, I am on my own personal weight loss journey, but I avoid watching that show, as it only discourages me. People want to hear about great drops in weight, but in reality who can afford to take 3 months off work and have a personal trainer for 8 hours a day pushing you to exercise till you vomit?

Nobody, only people on tv reality shows.  Just how many of these people keep the weight off after the show is finished?  I bet only the winners do as they then have sponsorship to keep the weight off so the program doesn’t look bad.  Nobody real can lose 15 kilos in one week!  It just makes it harder for those of us trying to lose weight the old fashioned way, by trying to reduce the intake of calories and increase the exercise.

Anyway, I have blathered on about this enough tonight and will not bore you further.  I am going to try to blog more often, or as often as I can think of something to write about.  Since this is mostly for myself, I don’t really mind if no-one reads these anyway.

Cheers for now