The joys of rereading old favourites

Over the years, due to several moves, space constraints, money troubles and other reasons, my personal library has been pared down to my all time favourite books that I cannot bear to part with.  These books are the ones that stand up to multiple reads and never lose their appeal.

These books are full of favourite characters who, after all this time, almost feel like family that I can return to during various moods.  A lot of the new books that I read are eminently forgettable and indeed I have no interest in rereading them, not even when a sequel comes out (indeed most times the sequel won’t even get read), but these books that have stayed with me over the years are the ones that contain the best writing, the most amazing characterizations, and the most imaginative world building.

Over the next few months, as I will be busily saving for an overseas trip, my new book reading will be seriously curtailed.  I will be using the library, sponging off friends, the collection at the MSFC (a seriously wonderful genre collection at the Melbourne Science Fiction Club – I recommend any genre reader to join and access it) and of course, rereading old favourites.  This will mean that any reviews that I do will most likely not be current books (unless they are given to me). 

But that is ok.  People may not have read certain books when they came out.  They may now be out of print and only available at libraries.  It will be a pleasure to introduce these books to other people, perhaps get some opinions on what they thought of them.  I certainly think a lot of them for them to still be on my bookshelves.


Back from the MSFC

Just got back from the MSFC.  It was the first session for the year and everybody had to discuss what they got for Christmas.  There was a surprising amount of interesting stuff along with the dreary and plain boring, but mixed up enough to keep things moving along.  As happens with fans there was quite an amount of off topic conversation but many people had quite a few weeks of catch up to do.

In a fit of volunteerism I have signed up to edit Ethel the Aardvark which is the club magazine.  I have never edited anything before so it will be a new and interesting experience.  I will be blogging about that as well so stay tuned (not that anyone is actually reading this until I can figure out how the heck to post things to facebook and twitter).

I will be trying to post something everyday as I want my writing skills to improve.  This is part of the New Year’s Resolution set of promises I made to myself.

  1. Write more often
  2. Keep in touch better with family and friends
  3. lose weight
  4. drink less often
  5. exercise more

As you can see they are the usual suspects when it comes to resolutions, and indeed, they are the same ones I make every year so we will see how well I stick to it.  I am hoping this year is exciting and new and I know it couldn’t be worse than the last one.  Those that know me know that it wasn’t the best one for me but I have put on a happy face and made it so that only good things can happen to me this year.

I shall post more tomorrow.