Sunny California

Well I survived the journey and what a marathon it was. Up at 6.30 to catch my 11am flight which left at 12. Then on to my 2.45 Sydney flight that left at 4.30. I got into Dan Francisco at 12.30 cleared customs by 1.30 and waited for my Napa bus which arrived at my hotel about 4.30. I wandered down to the Oxbow market, had a refreshing cup of yea and have spent the rest of the afternoon chatting in tasting rooms.

I am currently eating Salmon fillet tacos, a gourmet experience I won’t soon forget. Happy first day of my holiday (chings glass against itself).

Tomorrow I take a balloon ride and then do a winery tour so expect photos

Signing off drunkenly from Napa Valley



Worldcon here I come

The preparations have been a year in the making, the countdown began in February when I bought the tickets. Now finally, I have three more sleeps to go before I head off to attend my very first overseas Worldcon. I have been very lucky to have had two local Worldcons to attend, Aussiecon 3 and 4. Aussiecon 3 was my very first science fiction convention, and what an introduction to fandom it was. I was happy to help out and soon was drafted into managing the Hugo ceremony which was one of my best experiences ever.

Ever since then I have gotten into the spirit of volunteerism by helping organise various conventions, club nights and so on, culminating in Aussiecon 4 where I helped organise the dealers’ room. I have derived great enjoyment from being on committees and helping out but to be honest I am really looking forward to this event where I can just be one of the crowd, happy to go with the flow and not miss out on any of the events which I have marked in my calendar.

So I will be hopefully updating this blog a little more regularly than my usual efforts with experiences from my trip and hopefully a few photos (I bought a spiffy new camera just for this trip, hoping that my indifferent photography will suddenly morph into professional quality) and some interesting tidbits along the way.

Don’t worry there won’t be anything profound. I don’t do profound. Next time you hear from me I will be in the sunny state of California, sipping Napa wines by the poolside. Envy me, yes envy me please 🙂