Is it really Therapy?

I know the term retail therapy is supposed to evoke visions of shoppers almost in a zen calm after weilding their credit cards, but really ithas notbeen my experience, especially today.  If anything, going shopping today is enough to send you to therapy.

All I want in this little shopping trip is one pair of shoes for a specific purpose.  They are for my upcoming trip overseas so they must be multipurpose shoes.  They must be cool, because I am travelling into summer.  They must be sturdy because I will be doing a lot of walking.  They must be pretty, because they will be doubling up as evening shoes.  And they must be reasonably priced, because I am a tightarse.

That’s not too much to ask is it?

But finding this wonderful pair of shoes is proving to be a challenge that I am not sure I am up to.  I cannot spend too much time searching as there are other constraints on my time but I have a limited time to get them.  I hate crowds but all the good shops are full of people.  I like personal service but the cheaper shops are all about help yourself.

I thought I had found the answer today with a factory outlet for Rockport Shoes which are very expensive normally but some of the best shoes around.  There was a big sale on and they had many sandles that might fit my requirements, but sadlyI must report yet another shopping failure.  All the shoes are tied together with plastic tags so there is no way to try themboth on without help from an assistant.  Try as I might those assistants ignored me.  Surely it wasn`t because I was looking in the super specials area?  I don’t want to even go there but needless to say there was bno therapy involved in today`s excursion.  In fact I think I wil fall back on the most proven therapy of all, chocolate


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