A salute to bloggers – Feed by Mira Grant

If ever there was a book to make a blogger feel good about themselves, that they can make a difference, it is this book by Mira Grant.  Feed is a post Zombie Apocalypse story with a twist, and the main characters Georgia and Sean Mason are bloggers who get chosen to follow a presidential candidate on his journey to get elected during the ongoing zombie apocalypse, where your best friend could soon be your worst nightmare. It is obvious Grant has thought hard about the psychological effects of a worldwide outbreak but rather than go the total dissolution of society like most, she has gone for probably a more realistic approach, where life goes on, you just deal.

Zombies have affected the way people cope with large crowds, and the popularity of bloggers has soared due to the mistakes made by regular news during the initial crisis. The Kellis Amberley (not sure of spelling as I listened to this) virus has caused all these problems and everybody in the world is infected. What that means is that although you will never get a cold or cancer again, at any moment you might go into spontaneous amplification and become a zombie. Puts a new spin on life doesn’t it?

Our heroine Georgia, is a newsie, and her brother Sean is an Irwin (one of the cutest things I’ve seen – naming a risk taker after Steve Irwin), and their third blogger in the group is Buffy, a fictional. Together they are following the campaign of the Republican delegate race.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in this book. It has an interesting twist which I kind of saw coming but it still shocked me. I heartily recommend this book to others and the main reason I read it was because book 2 is a Hugo nominee and I wanted to read it with some sort of context. The fact that they have both been nominees says a lot about the quality of these books and I have no reservations recommending it.


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