What is it about The Voice?

My current obsession is the TV show The Voice.  All the versions are playing concurrently, the US, the UK and the Aussie version are all on TV at the moment.  If I watch every episode, that is 8 hours of reality TV in one week that I am absorbing, and it is all quality tv.  I am a sucker for a reality talent show but there is something special about The Voice.  I love how the mentors cannot see their choices until they turn around and how if more than one of them turn the choice is with the talent.

Tha battle rounds are a very different story though.  My theory, and from my choices corresponding with the judges’ 80% of the time I think it is pretty true, is that the judges pair their favourites with someone they think can be cut with no issues and that it would have to be a pretty rare performance to change their already made up minds.  Even though I have this opinion, I love the fact that this show is all about positive reinforcement.  No comments about looks in this show, it is all about the voice here.  Who cares if they come on stage with bare feet?  Who cares if they are blind?

This show has become extremely popular and as someone who jumped on the bandwagon last year for the first season of the American series, I am totally glad I can finally come into work the day after and have at least five other people ready to compare their thoughts on the show with me.  Love it!


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