The King’s Speech – The silent version – A review of the cinema not the movie

My parents are from country Victoria and are currently staying with me.  My mother has wanted to see The King’s Speech since it started and she was clutching a couple of Hoyts vouchers that she had yet to use so I (being of noble mein) agreed to go see the movie again.  We chose the 6.30 session because neither of us wanted to go during the day because it was so beautiful but we didn’t want to go the the 8.50 session either as it is a long movie and I have to get up for work tomorrow.

So off we go to Hoyts and once there, we discover that the 6.30 session is only available in Director’s Suite not in the normal cinemas.  After much deliberation, and studying of the other movies on at the same time we decided to pay the money for the Directors Suite and save the vouchers for another time.

For those of you who are not in Australia, Director’s Suite is supposed to be a luxurious way to watch a movie.  You get reclining seats and waiting staff serving you through the movie, but you can buy a cheaper ticket which is just for the movie, no food.  This is the one that we bought.

After we settled in, a little late but not too much, we sat back to enjoy the movie.  Good seats, good position in the cinema, but suddenly the sound goes slightly fuzzy.  I minor glitch I think to myself, but it happens off and on the whole way through the movie.  My irritation is high, but the problem is not bad enough to storm out and demand my money back, yet.  For those of you who haven’t seen the King’s Speech, I won’t spoil it for you but there is a scene right at the end just before he gives his speech where he and Lionel Logue have a great discussion dealing with several issues.

It is a very tense scene, or would have been, if the sound had actually worked.  We sat there watching the picture but no sound came out those speakers.  One of the viewers went out to tell the manager but it was a good 5 minutes later before the sound came back on.  We at least got to hear the Speech at the end.

After it was all over I went out to complain to the manager.  She gave us free tickets, but only to a normal session as we had not forked out the $32 for a full ticket.  Still, would have preferred to just have a good experience at the cinemas, not have to exert my rights as a consumer at the end.

Go see The King’s Speech, please do, it is a wonderful movie, just don’t go see it at Director’s Suite Highpoint.


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