Review of The Adjustment Bureau

I just went and saw The Adjustment Bureau and loved it.  I thought it was a great story and when I noticed in the credits that it was based upon a Phillip K Dick short story then I knew why.  It was original and the thing that I loved best about it was that although I knew that love would conquer all in the end, I wasn’t quite sure how on earth they would do it.

The story starts with David Norris, a candidate for the position of Senator of New York, meeting the woman of his dreams in the mens room the night of the election.  They instantly click but he doesn’t realise that there is a mysterious organisation that is preventing their romance from happening.

After a couple more coincidental meetings the organisation, The Adjustment Bureau, intervenes and he now knows that if he continues with his romance with Elise then he will ruin his future, that of being President of the United States, and hers, that of being the premiere dancer and choreographer in the country.

What follows is an adventurous and nail biting race to the finish to see who will win, the mysterious (their true nature is hinted at but never fully revealed) organisation or David in his quest for true love.

I liked everything about this movie.  Matt Damon, one of my favourite actors, was a wonderful romantic lead, not a gun or car chase in sight, and Emily Blunt, so snarky in The Devil wears Prada, was absolutely beautiful as the quirky Elise.  Their instant attraction was believable and the chemistry between the actors was sizzling.  The twists and turns created by the Adjustment Bureau as they created the fates of those around them was fascinating.  I was enthralled the whole way through this movie.

Loved it and thoroughly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Review of The Adjustment Bureau

    • I think the idea was sufficiently intriguing that I would definitely have gone to see it, although I am a person swayed by reviewers. If the consensus is that it is not a good movie I won’t generally spend good money to see it at the cinemas, I will wait for DVD and maybe rent it out once it is weekly (or do that other unmentionable thing).

      I can’t say Emily Blunt does it for me but Matt Damon certainly does. His Bourne movies have cemented him in my heart as the thinking woman’s action hero 🙂

      • He has got a charm and underlying brilliance about him, and damn can that guy act! Also what a CV – the last three of his films that recently came out – true grit (directed by the coen brothers), hereafter (working with clint eastwood again) and of course the adjusment bureau (george nolfi who co-wrote the last bourne film)!

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