A Walk around the River

Well, today in keeping with my promise to my friend Rose, I picked her up this morning and we went for a walk around the Maribyrnong River.  It did not look like this while we were walking but only a couple of weeks ago this was what it looked like.

The Maribyrnong River a couple of weeks ago

The signs of flood were everywhere.  The paths were covered in a thin patina of dirt and the roads and gardens were covered in dried mud with cracks all the way through it so that it looked like it hadn’t rained in months.

The walk around the river, which is extremely popular with locals, takes about 45-60 minutes depending on how fast you walk.  The view is tremendous and I don’t just mean the river, there are many joggers and riders and walkers about and it was quite a warm morning which meant that many male joggers were shirtless.  Just the thing for a Sunday morning.  🙂

After coming home I thought about how the floods, minimal as they were in Maribyrnong, had changed the way I looked at things around me.  Indeed, the Maribyrnong river is still high but not dangerously so.  I feel for my compatriots in Queensland and in the country Victorian towns that have been or indeed are still flooded.  I think of the work involved in the clean up and I shudder.  I still haven’t done my dishes today and they are cleaning up filthy mud from all their room, getting rid of mouldy carpet and scrubbing away debris left by rising water.

I can’t comprehend the amount of work involved in that sort of a cleanup.  Luckily Australia is made up of a lot of people who will just roll up their sleeves and get on with it, unlike people like me who read about it, write about it but don’t do anything about it.

As it is now nearly 4pm and I should probably go do those dishes I will leave here for now.  I will let you know tomorrow if those dishes got done.


By for now



2 thoughts on “A Walk around the River

  1. Yes it can make you feel slightly useless when you see all those people on the news mucking in and helping. I would think if the Maribyrnong river ever turned really nasty you would be right there ready to lend a hand.

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