The Diet is Working!!

Well I weighed myself this morning with a lot of trepidation as I did the cheat thing and weighed myself during the week.  It is apparently the cardinal rule of weight loss that you only weigh yourself once a week at the same time preferably with the same clothes on as that is the only true measure of your weight loss.  During the week you can have quite large fluctuations and also you weigh differently at different times of day.  Anyway I had a sneaky weigh of myself yesterday and was dismayed to see I had gained weight!

What a disappointment!  That serves me right for not waiting for the right time to do it.  I stepped on the scales this morning and what do you know?  I had lost 2.3 kg.  The first true week of weight loss is supposed to be a bit larger than the rest so I was hoping for a figure like that (much as I am hoping to have a figure eventually 🙂 )  The next week shouldn’t be quite as dramatic (we are not on the Biggest Loser show here) but I am aiming for about a kilo a week. 

I kept up the exercise this week with a bit of playing on the Wii each night but I went for a walk this morning and I tell you the Wii gets you nowhere near as puffed as walking up a really steep hill does.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack!  When I caught my breath at the top of the hill (my place is surrounded by really steep hills so I can’t escape them on any walk) I thought that this is probably what I should be doing every day instead of Wii.  Unfortunately it is not as fun as Wii so it might only happen once a week or so.  Perils of being a lazy girl I guess.

I had an anxiety dream this morning.  It wasn’t one I have had before, rather strange really.  I dreamt that I had been asked to play bass with a local band at some private back yard party (probably watching too much Oprah lately what with Taco parties and all that!).  For a start I haven’t ever played bass guitar.  Sure I dabbled with acoustic guitar at school and like every teenager who learns guitar I begged (and got) an electric guitar to play with.  I, being a typical lazy girl, never ever really excelled at guitar.  Sure I could hold a decent chord and played in the school band in a couple of musicals but was never really destined for greatness because I didn’t practice enough.  So back to the dream.  I haven’t picked up a guitar in several years, let alone ever played the bass, so why these people were asking me to play with them I don’t know, it was a dream and they don’t have to make sense.

I got delivered by a limo (delusions of grandeur much?) and there were address instructions written in texta on the guitar.  I knocked on the door and the person who answered took me through to the back yard where the band was setting up.  They greeted me like they knew me and commenced to start playing like they knew I could just join in.  That is where the anxiety starts as of course I had no idea what to play and where to come in.  Suddenly (I think the brain knows when you have had enough and helps out every now and then) sheet music appears in front of me with all the areas I have to play marked.  There is unfortunately a solo coming up (a bass solo? dreams are weird) and everybody is looking to me….. and of course that is where the dream ended with me waking up thinking that was one of the weirder ones.

I only have those sort of dreams when something is on my mind.  I went to sleep last night with all these plans for the editing of Ethel and I should have written them down as they must have played on my mind because I didn’t want to forget them.  I am going to write them down this very minute.  If you are still reading here thank you for your patience with my rambling.  I am hoping that as the days go by and I get more practice I will become a little more accomplished at this blog thing.  I will eventually put more interesting things here but for now you will have to put up with my general rantings about life and weight loss (or gain).  And I love to use parentheses so you will be seeing a lot of those too.




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